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About Us

Where it all began...

Carl & Kevin have an unshakable friendship which has been forged over many years working in the bespoke bed industry. After decades of enjoying perfecting their craft, it was time for them to set up their workshop bringing their knowledge and skill set to create their own interpretation of bespoke beds and upholstery.  

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Natural Fibres, Ethically Sourced & British

Our Commitment

Springwood Upholstery is a joyful, natural fibres company who cares about you the client, those that are in partnership with them & our precious environment.


All Natural...

Reconnecting the bed industry to natural materials and hand craftsmanship is our goal. Our springs are encased with cotton insulation wrap or hair on hessian, this allows the springs to silently move when pressure is applied. Hand-laid layers of cotton, wool, loose Dorset horn wool and Grade A horsetail hair will add to comfort, warmth, breathability & durability. 

Springwood Upholstery is our go-to choice. From the customer service along the way to the final product, they are always reliable and we are delighted with the end result every time! Most recently they made up a new footstool for the shop which we immediately put in the window. It not only looks amazing but has also been made with the highest quality. It has gained a lot of customer attention too!

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We can help you come up with your own natural fibre bed compositions & have it tested on your behalf to meet Fire & Safety Regulations