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Springwood Upholstery is proud to offer Ian Mankin fabrics to all of our customers. With our beautiful bespoke designs interwoven with luxurious and quality Ian Mankin fabrics your crafted piece will be timeless.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Natural Fibres, Ethically Sourced & British

About Ian Mankin

Taking inspiration from time-honoured textile crafts, Ian Mankin breathe life into traditional fabrics with contemporary design and skillful creativity. 

They weave fabrics that represent great value and unbeatable quality, with a focus on natural fibres.

Time. Our most precious commodity, and yet we can never seem to get enough of it.

Ian Mankin’s passion for fabric means they devote all of theirs to designing and crafting fabrics that encourage you to slow down, to enjoy your surroundings and truly ‘live’ in your homes.

They weave fabrics with timeless and authentic beauty that sidestep fad and fashion and steadfastly endure the demands of today’s modern home. These are fabrics that effortlessly stand the test of time.

Every last thread is carefully constructed and expertly woven using generations of craftsmanship at the loom with no shortcuts, no compromise.

Fabrics that unapologetically take time. Fabrics to enjoy in your own time…

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Talk to Springwood Upholstery’s knowledgeable team that will guide you through every step of our process. We’ll tailor make your piece to your requirements and only using the finest materials and fabrics. Come talk to us and browse our beautiful array of fabrics including those by Ian Mankin today.

The mattress and divan we ordered is supremely comfortable and supportive to sleep on and together with the headboard is very fine to look at. All were made bespoke to fit an attic bedroom and are well worth climbing three flights of stairs for!

A-K Hastie


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We can help you come up with your own natural fibre bed compositions & have it tested on your behalf to meet Fire & Safety Regulations